Policies and Documents


Congratulations to our newly admitted class of Master's of Science in Viticulture & Enology!

For complete information to get you started, please consult the Graduate Student Resource Guide.

Important official documents and guides

The UC Davis Graduate Student Guide

The official graduate student handbook for UC Davis.

Official Mentoring Guidelines for UC Davis Graduate Students

Graduate education is highly specialized and individualized in its nature, which is achieved through the mentoring relationships students develop with faculty. To clarify the nature, scope and limitations of mentoring, the UC Davis Graduate Council established a guiding document for mentors and mentees. This document clarifies the role and responsibilities both parties should fulfill.

Viticulture & Enology M.S. Degree Requirements

This document establishes the official requirements for completing the Master's degree.

Official By-Laws of the Graduate Group in Viticulture & Enology

This founding document establishes the structure and governance for the Graduate Group.