Course Requirements

The M.S. degree in Viticulture and Enology takes approximately two years of full-time study to complete once you have gained admission. The degree is conferred upon completion of approved courses and a thesis.

Complete course descriptions can be found in the UC Davis General Catalog.

While many courses are offered quarterly or annually, certain specialized courses are offered only in alternate years. The General Catalog indicates when classes are offered using roman numeral codes in each course description, with I. II. III. or IV. for Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer, respectively. Some course descriptions will include the phrase "Offered in alternate years." If the course will be offered in the 2013-14 academic year, the quarter designation is inside parentheses.

Course offerings can also change between printings of the General Catalog--consultation with Faculty and Staff Advisers is essential.

Background Coursework

All students enrolled in the Plan I and Plan II program must complete the following core coursework administered through Viticulture and Enology (28 units total):

VEN 101A - Viticultural Practices (3 units)

VEN 101B - Viticultural Practices (3 units)

VEN 101C - Viticultural Practices (3 units)

(Note: Only two of VEN 101 A,B,C required)

VEN 123 - Analysis of Musts and Wines (2 units)

VEN 123L - Analysis of Musts & Wines Laboratory (2 units)

VEN 124 - Wine Production (2 units)

VEN 124L - Wine Production Laboratory (3 units)

VEN 125 - Wine Types and Sensory Evaluation (2 units)

VEN 125L - Sensory Evaluation of Wine Laboratory (2 units)

VEN 126 - Wine Stability (3 units)

VEN 126L - Wine Stability Laboratory (2 units)

VEN 128 - Wine Microbiology (2 units)

VEN 128L - Wine Microbiology Laboratory (2 units)

If the Statistics prerequisite has not been fulfilled, one of the two courses below is required as background coursework:

STA 106 - Applied Statistical Methods: Analysis of Variance (4 units)

PLS 120 - Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science (4 units)

Required Courses

Plan II students must complete 30 units of the following coursework for depth of knowledge.

VEN 135 - Wine Technology/Winery Systems (4 units)

VEN 224 - Advances in the Science of Winemaking (3 units)

VEN 290 - VEN Graduate Group Seminar (1 unit per quarter – 3 total)

VEN 292 - Advanced Internship (12 units minimum required).

VEN 298 - Group study  (2 units)

Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) Upper Division or Graduate Level coursework (6 units minimum required), chosen in consultation with Graduate Advisor. For a full list of available course options, please click here.

Emphasis Electives

Plan II may select 6 units of emphasis electives (as approved by the Graduate Adviser).  Students are encouraged to explore graduate coursework outside of Viticulture & Enology.

VEN 210 - Grape Development and Composition (4 units)

VEN 213 - Flavor Chemistry of Foods and Beverages (3 units)

VEN 215 - Sensometrics (3 units)

VEN 216 - Vineyard Establishment and Development (4 units)

VEN 217 - Field & GIS Evaluation of Soils (3 units)

VEN 219 - Natural Products of Wine (3 units)

VEN 223 - Instrumental Analysis of Must and Wine (4 units)

VEN 225 - Advanced Sensory Analysis of Wines (3 units)

VEN 235 - Winery Design (4 units)

VEN 291 - Advanced Viticulture (2 units)