Coursework and Registration


Congratulations to our newly admitted class of Master's of Science in Viticulture & Enology!

For complete information to get you started, please consult the Graduate Student Resource Guide.

Course Requirements

The official Viticulture & Enology M.S. Degree Requirements (pdf) contains all the background, required and elective courses needed to complete the degree. The document also establishes sample academic schedules, but each student's coursework plan will vary greatly according to their interests and career goals. When evaluating their coursework plans, students should pay attention to when classes are offered: some classes are offered quarterly, yearly, or only in alternate years.


Graduate academic work is highly individualized to match the interests and career goals of each student. To map out their curriculum, students will typically discuss their coursework plans with their Graduate Faculty Adviser and/or Graduate Staff Adviser.


  • The UC Davis Registrar's Office handles all matters relating to course registration, tuition and fees, and the academic calendar.
  • Important dates and deadlines pertaining to registration pass times, fee deadlines, and important term dates are detailed in the Registrar's Calendar website. Graduate student deadlines for thesis submissions, comprehensive exams and advancement to candidacy are listed under the Graduate Studies calendar.
  • You will not be able to register for classes until your tuition and fees are paid.
  • Course registration is done through SISWeb. Students can use the system to add or drop courses, get on wait lists, check class locations and meeting times, order official transcripts, and search for open courses. Graduate students may enroll during any hours of SISWeb operation. However, all students must enroll in courses (and pay fees and any outstanding balance due) by the fee payment deadline to avoid being dropped and incurring the late registration fee.
  • Each quarter, graduate students needing to register for VEN 292 (Advanced Internship), VEN 298 (Directed Group Study) and VEN 299 (Research) will need to obtain the appropriate Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) from the Advising Office.


In addition to coursework, students should also pace themselves with regard to planning their research, internship, and seminar activities.

Year One

Year One Timeline for Plan I

Year Two

Year Two Timeline for Plan I