Written Examination

Students are expected to take the comprehensive examination at the end of their 5th quarter of study. The comprehensive examination will be a closed-book written examination administered across two consecutive days for a three- hour period each day. The format will be a “bluebook” essay-type exam of at least 12 comprehensive (i.e. multi-part) questions on topics derived from the VEN background and depth curriculum subjects.

In cases where the student fails the Plan II written comprehensive exam, there will be a single comprehensive oral exam the following quarter (expected Spring of Year 2, or 6th quarter of study) administered per UC Davis Division rules, with three group faculty present. The scope of the oral exam is the candidate’s coursework as well as the internship project work. Students must be registered or in current filing fee status when taking this oral examination. The examination committee must vote unanimously to pass a student.  A student who does not pass this second exam is subject to disqualification from further graduate work in the program.

Once passed, the Master’s Report Form is signed by the Program Graduate Adviser and then forwarded to the Office of Graduate Studies.  The deadlines for completing this requirement are set by the Graduate Studies calendar.  A candidate must be a registered student or in Filing Fee status at the time the program submits the form, with the exception of the summer period between the end of the Spring Quarter and the beginning of Fall Quarter.  The program must file the report with Graduate Studies within one week of the end of the quarter in which the student’s degree will be conferred.