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The VEN Graduate Group consists of faculty from several Departments:

Viticulture and Enology, Food Science and Technology, Plant Sciences, Plant Pathology, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, and Biological and Agricultural Engineering

This diversification allows students to explore the field of Viticulture and Enology in the context of many disciplines.  It also optimizes calibration within the UC Davis campus, broadening students' opportunities in research and instruction. Please click on the Faculty member's name for additional information.  A more detailed listing of faculty research can also be found here.

Dr. Charles W. Bamforth, Professor - Malting and brewing

Dr. Linda F. Bisson, Professor - Yeast microbiology and functional genetics

Dr. David E. Block, Professor - Process optimization, fermentation kinetics, biocontrol agents

Dr. Roger B. Boulton, Professor - Wine processing, wine color chemistry

Dr. Dario Cantu, Assistant Professor - Viticulture and systems biology

Dr. Susan E. Ebeler, Professor - Analytical chemistry, wine analysis, and flavor chemistry

Dr. Matthew W. Fidelibus, Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist - Raisin, table, and winegrape production

Dr. Jean-Xavier Guinard, Professor - Sensory evaluation methodology and consumer research

Dr. Hildegarde Heymann, Professor - Descriptive analysis methodology

Dr. Kaan Kurtural, Cooperative Extension Specialist - Viticulture

Dr. Jean-Jacques Lambert, Assistant Research Soil Scientist

Dr. Maria Marco, Assistant Professor - Microbial interactions of lactic acid bacteria

Dr. Andrew J. McElrone, USDA-Agricultural Research Scientist - Grape-vine water use efficiency

Dr. David A. Mills, Professor - Microbial ecology and genomics of lactic acid bacteria

Dr. Ben Montpetit, Assistant Professor - Yeast gene expression and mRNA transport

Dr. Anita Oberholster, Enology Extension Specialist - Enological practices influencing wine mouthfeel

Prof. Ron Runnebaum, Assistant Professor - Sustainable winery design and engineering systems

Dr. Kenneth Shackel, Professor - Water relations and grapevine physiology

Dr. David R. Smart, Associate Professor - Root physiology and soil nutrient cycling

Dr. Kerri Steenwerth, Assistant Adjunct Professor - Vineyard floor and irrigation management

Dr. Li Tian, Assistant Professor - Phytonutrient biochemistry and physiology

Dr. M. Andrew Walker, Professor - Breeding and rapid development of roostocks with desirable traits

Dr. Andrew L. Waterhouse, Professor - Health and taste effects of phenolics and other components

Dr. Larry E. Williams, Professor - Effects of water stress on vineyard performance

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