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M.S. Degree Options


The graduate program in Viticulture and Enology offers two options for fulfilling the requirements leading to the M.S. degree:


The Plan I Master's Program

The Plan I option is for students who would like to complete a standard research thesis in collaboration with a Viticulture & Enology Graduate Group faculty advisor.    The capstone for this Plan is the submission of a research thesis and its approval by a thesis committee composed of three VENGG faculty.


psmlogoThe Plan II Master's Program - Professional Science Master's ("PSM")

The Plan II option is an accredited Professional Science Master's program.  Learn more about PSM programs here.  This non-thesis option incorporates additional economics and business coursework, as well as a required winery research internship in the Fall of the 2nd year coinciding with the annual grape harvest and crush. Instead of a research thesis as a capstone, students in this program take a comprehensive exam covering all required coursework in the Winter quarter of their 2nd year.


Degree requirements for both Plan I and Plan II are contained in the official Viticulture & Enology M.S. Degree Requirements.

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